March 27 was the date

Calendar from Hatsukoi Sacrament

We’ve reached that time again, with a certain date just around the corner!

March 27 is a special day of the year. It is the 86th day of the year (but 87th in leap years) with 279 days remaining. The Burmese Armed Forces Day (think ANZAC Day in Australia), or Tatmadaw nei, is held on this day. It is the Christian Feast Day, which I know nothing about, and it is also World Theatre Day (est. 1961).

Among a crown prince being named as heir, famous children born, wars beginning and ending, an earthquake, a subway system opening, an airliner collision, an oil platform collapse, steep falls in silver prices, a strike, a president appointment, viagra being approved, a Petroleum plant explosion, a decommissioned ship and suicide bombers; of note is that on this date in 1986, “a car bomb explode[d] at Russell Street Police HQ in Melbourne, killing 1 police officer and injuring 21 people.”

While there are many famous people born on this particular day on the aforementioned year, there are interestingly, no famous deaths! What kind of famous people you may ask… (or you may not).

In 1960 on this date, James Potter I was born (yes, Harry Potter’s father). Interestingly, Adrian Rawlins who portayed the character was also born on the same day (albeit a couple of years earlier). Julian Glover who provided the voice for Aragog in The Chamber of Secrets was also born on this day.

Who else? Mariah Carey, Stacey Fergie Ferguson and Quentin Tarantino are among the people I know that were born on March 27, though there are plenty I don’t. Most importantly, it’s Nathan Fillion’s birthday — the beloved actor who starred in Firefly and Castle. It’s a most exciting day for fans.

Oh… and of course, it’s also Ruben’s birthday. :‘) How on earth didn’t he make it onto those lists?! It’s an outrage, I assure you, and I shall be making moves to rectify this affront immediately. With that said — Happy birthday, my love! (In advance, because you’ll probably read this on the day, right? ;D)

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