[Manga] Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

Steve Jobs

Three days is all it takes for new news to become old news, but all the same I'd like to make a note of this particular news here. As reported by Anime News Network:

Thermae Romae manga creator Mari Yamazaki revealed [...] that her next series will be a biography of the late Apple company co-founder Steve Jobs. [...] Yamazaki presented an profile illustration she drew of Jobs. She commented that she personally feels sympathy for one of the leading figures in the personal computer and electronics industry.

Steve Jobs by Yamazaki Mari

Apparently the first site to announce this was Sankaku Complex and while I have my doubts about that website in general, they are also the only site to hold the aforementioned illustration of Steve Jobs. The style is distinctive for the audience which the manga is targeted at: the josei genre for older females as the manga will be published in Kodansha's 'Kiss'. It makes me curious whether this would skew the numbers of readers of the magazine from either gender.

Yamazaki's hit series, Thermae Romae, was an international favourite and although I haven't read any of the manga itself, I've watched the short Thermae Romae anime. What it presents about Japanese and Roman culture is fascinating and the delivery is hilarious and addictive, it's a shame the anime isn't longer. I hear the anime doesn't quite match up to the manga though it's decently good, so if the original is even better I am extremely impressed.

Impressed Lucius

I would have to admit that I'm particularly interested in Yamazaki's history though, upon hearing that she lived in Italy where she studied art and has an Italian husband kind of sheds a new light on the way which she approaches her work, and I wonder how this influence changes the way in which she makes manga.

Either way, regardless of the previous works of Yamazaki, I hope that this depiction of Steve Jobs' life will be true to the reality. Of course to be expected is some degree of embellishment, but one hopes it doesn't stray so far from the truth as to become fiction. Although the work is about the person and not necessarily about computers, I do have to wonder how much she actually understands about computers, or indeed, how much actors who play programmers such as those in The Social Network, Tron or otherwise understand about programming. As a non-programmer and failure IT student, just curious. ;)

Thermae Romae image from Anime-kun.net.