Magical Pâtissier Kosaki-chan

Magical Girl Onodera

From various reporting on the web (SGCafe, OtakuTale, AnimeNewsNetwork), it seems that our local favourite girl, Onodera Kosaki is getting a magical girl spinoff from the original Nisekoi series!

I have no doubt that a translation is already in the works, or possibly even out already, but from what I can grasp after a quick reading through it seems Kosaki and Ichijo are still attending the same school (the uniforms are different from Nisekoi, and Kosaki wears glasses). Kosaki has a dream of present Ichijo with cookies she baked herself so goes to the Home Economics room to try and bake some. Although they look good, they taste awful.

Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan Splash page

A mouse, resembling Miyamoto Ruri from the original series (Kosaki’s best friend) appears and offers her a contract to become a magical girl. Seeing Ichijo suddenly taken hostage while at the grocery store (?), Kosaki decides to become a magical girl to help him.

She appears in a blaze of glory, and cooks up a dish with her magical soup spoon (?) to pop into the villain’s mouths. It tastes so terrible they collapse in tears, allowing the cops to come in and arrest them. They confess (?) they were approached by an evil Shū - or that’s what we assume for now.

While Ruri, Kosaki’s ‘sidekick’, is a rat/mouse; it seems Chitoge’s will be a cat resembling Tsugumi Seishiro; while Marika’s seems to be her bodyguard I don’t recall the name of… It looks pretty hilarious so far. Looking forward to seeing more. In the meantime, how about a crossover?

You can view the first chapter here, on the Shounen Jump Plus website (when it’s back up).

Courtesy of Seb who alerted me to this phenomenon.