Machinations of the past week


It's been a long week of interviews and rain and tonight I finally sat down to do some sewing so I could make some presents. My god, why so girly. I hit upon this idea as we wandered though Myer on the fateful day of the #Hornado. Funny how many things spin out from that day for me, but enough of that.

The first interview was a Saturday, which Ruben didn't accompany me to, because he had an exam in several days, but he did accompany me to the subsequent two others. Funnily the interview I went to today I also got the call for on the day of the Hornado. Seems like we're going in circles.

I had to pretty much dash home straight after Saturday's interview (though I did drop by to have some dimsum with Ruben), but for Wednesday's interview we were able to hang around a bit longer. As a doofus conscientious future employee, I got there an hour too early, so we retreated back down the road where I suggested we go to Hudson's Coffee Ruben had spotted earlier. He says they replaced the Starbucks when they closed down in Adelaide and was surprised to see one as we trudged out of Bondi Junction's station.

They do a mean hot chocolate though Ruben didn't find the decor to be very similar. Funny how I can't comment on the coffee even though it was a coffee shop. It was quite trendy, with that sort of industrial feeling to it. The couches were plush though, and their staff certainly outgoing. They also heat their croissants by microwaving them if that's your thing, but on the plus side flakes don't go everywhere so you eat more of the actual croissant — if that's your thing.

After a nervous interview, we explored the Westfield there for a bit and their David Jones is the source of my horses gallery... I know they look like giraffes, but I swear they're horses. Right? They're just so cute...


Well, in any case I would smuggle one out if I dared. You didn't read that. A further trip to Grill'd in Bondi Junction for some edibles and we were off.

Friday was a great deal rainier than Wednesday. In fact, I awoke to thunder, though at random times it was sunny again before it started pouring again right after. That was somewhat nerve racking when this caused many of the trains to be delayed though, thank heavens we just managed to make it.

Although I've likely sat a similarly long interview at Macquarie or Coca Cola Amatil (you can see how well they went), for some reason the interview today seemed particularly long, or perhaps it was the knowledge that Ruben was waiting. In any case, he already wrote about what happened afterwards and gave you a cafe review to boot, so I'm not going to discuss that again.

So that's my week in a nutshell, though as Ruben will tell you they usually just contain nuts, though I don't blame him since I'm pretty nutty myself.

In any case, I'm not all that confident in front of a sewing machine, at least especially when I have none of the right materials I know I need, like a pencil to draw the sewing guides, actual patterns, dressmaking pins and so on. I only have dressmaking pins. Couple that with a machine I'm not familiar with.

I used a Bernina in my youth when we did Textiles in Years 7 and 8, but what we currently own is an Elna, which constantly snarls and tangles and gets stuck. The settings confuse me somewhat, I admit, though the guides are helpful when threading the machine and rethreading bobbins.

I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong as usual, but a sewing machine really is a godsend when you're making things you want to last. It's just that the potential for mistakes is so much higher.