[#RaspberryPi] Mac-formatted drives (journalled)

how to open a Mac drive on Linux

This is the last thing I'm interested in seeing when I'm trying to figure out how to write to my Mac-formatted drive connected to my new Raspberry Pi machine, gifted to me for my birthday by Ruben. It's running Pidora (Fedora optimised for the Raspberry Pi) downloaded off the Raspberry Pi website currently and it's a bit laggy I'll admit, but otherwise fine.

Since changing the file system is currently not an option and the drive was formatted as Journalled, it can't be written to, although it can be read. I've had a look around at several sites that say you can disable journalling, however this isn't really a recommended move. Seems like I'm stuck unless I want to take that risk in disabling, so before I get to use this Raspberry Pi without maxing out my 8GB SD card, I will have to clear off one of my NTFS formatted drives.

Let the good times roll.