Looking Back ... Ah, "Conflicting Perspectives" ...

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Just a little revising of my previous post on The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas.

I can see where it was wrong that a man who has no relationship to the child decided to take it into his own hands to discipline the child. Certainly, perhaps he should have waited (but then again, as Mr Tsiolkas mentioned in his interview, sometimes our first reaction is a violent, aggressive one) but in such a circumstance, who knows what is the right or wrong course of action. But I think Anouk has a point (since I finally managed to read past her chapter.. xD Maybe I should finish before I keep throwing around opinions). I still feel Hugo deserved it though, and admire Mr Tsiolkas' ability to formulating these different points of view.

In a way we are positioned to see the event in certain ways, aren't we? Manipulated, somewhat? But ultimately it is us that makes our mind as to what we think, although the story may influence our views. I still view Rosie and Gary as pretty weak parents though. In their letting of their son form his own identity (etc) they're just giving him loose rein to be wild. The method is not isolation from any sort of media, but prevention of them watching violence in particular. This isn't always an easy task, but perhaps it's not abstinence from violence which is the solution, but proper explanation of it. My parents have allowed us to watch violence, and they still don't like me watching MA 15+ movies (I am well over 15 now!) but they have always let us know what the proper way of acting is. I'm not saying my experience is the best solution, but I feel it has been efficient in ways. (Sure, I might feel like I would be able to take down a molester when I would probably freeze like anyone else, but still... haha)

Oh, and younger male and older female relationships are not that uncommon (I'm sure you know) although probably unusual, yes, that Anouk is 43 and Rhys is 22. Older female and younger male relationships seem to be popular these days though - there was a news report today on that, and speed dating. Quotes are "females come into their prime later in life, and men well... laughs". Well, I'm sure we all know how to finish that...? Although the age gap may make these sort of relationships seem pedophile-ish (not so much when both partners are over the 20-ish mark though, in my opinion, though I have no real idea), I still think it's how a person feels that matters. Sure, it's against a lot of the conventions of our society (oh, apart from the young arranged marriage type relationships and medieval expected-to-bear-children-at-16 type relationships), but what other people think doesnt always matter - although yes, it does help... xD

I find the book pretty sexually explicit, really, and although I can read it without it minding my teenage sensibilities too much, I still rather my friends not know too much about it. xD We are a fairly 'innocent' type of area - seriously. To be expected from the blurb on the back, supposedly, but I would say I'm a fairly 'softly-spoken' person, and the swearing does get to me a little. I don't swear if I can help it. If I'm so miffed that I do, I apologise, to thin air if I have to (anyone!). But this isnt about me. :)

You're probably tired of my incessant rambling... Sorry. I have very strong views, but I don't like to have to make decisions.