Long day...

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Monday = Communications for IT Professionals

Well, it was to the workshops this week, and I think I was looking forward to this a lot more than the 3-hour lectures (although 3 hour workshop also is a bit =A= by the time you're finished, heh). It also helped that I was relieved that I was in a Band 1 workshop of course.

The tutor introduced herself, and I remember the first reaction I had was to look at Julie next to me and exchange glances. Her surname sounded very Japanese. She did an example of how she wanted us to introduce ourselves also and ... well I guess we found out we were (somewhat) right. (Though to what degree I have no idea, of course....) I'm such a Japanophile. Or I just like Asian things, really.

We then tried to define ethics with the person next to us/the people around us.


"Morality and actions, What we perceive to be right or wrong, Sense of personal responsibility - consequences of actions, Personal conduct based on respect for others, Principles and values you choose to live by."

We also talked a little about Ethical Dilemmas and moved onto the case studies. I found myself pretty opinionated on this topic. I think I have a strong code of ethics... sometimes. I'm not really sure. I feel these things are wrong, but when push comes to shove, I think sometimes these things get ignored. By not having this kind of real life experience, I suppose we can't really know. However, from experience from my own projects, say in HSC Year, I'm quite a perfectionist and will try to make the system as good as I can get it - so I think I can uphold my personal code of ethics well enough.

We tried to come up with codes of ethics afterwards and although our codes were a lot different to other peoples', I felt they were rather valid. Although our group was the only group that presented with only three codes, I had six written down in actuality, however, we kept arguing that it could already be explained by another dot point and thus we were only left with three. I felt some of the other people's points seemed perhaps a little too general, however maybe we were the ones thinking too specifically? I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, however.

We had a short break then watched a segment of a Youtube video where we were supposed to look carefully and pick out what we felt was good and bad about his presentation. My whole group agreed wholeheartedly that his presentation overall was pretty bad, but probably definitely in stronger words. It was true however, overall he was uninspiring, looked confined and bored... I think it's alright to be informal in your presentations sometimes, depending on who you are presenting to, and depending on what kind of message you are trying to present (you want to create a relaxed interested interactive air, right?), so it's not necessarily a bad thing he said 'Hey, guys', but his lack of enthusiasm was the real problem.

We looked at presentations skills and worked on Case Studies then, and each of us picked a 'role' in the group for the presentation and tried to build up our points. I don't think I did too badly, though I could have gestured more, I suppose. The thing is that I'm not necessarily bad at presenting, I just don't like to volunteer myself up for it. At High School, generally I'd be with people who'd rather not have to present, so the responsibility would fall with me (Sorry if anyone is reading this....). While I can't say I was magnificent at it either, at least I do have experience with it and am willing to present if no one else is? Or at least I find myself a lot of enthusiastic now unless I'm feeling unwell ... like somewhat recently...

Afterwards I had to go meet sponsors for lunch. We went to that cafe in the UTS building that's next to the ABC (oh I forget all the numbers and everything, yikes).Luckily I didn't have to pay I guess, since I don't have a lot of money these days. We chatted with the sponsors while eating. Felt like some of it was going over the top of my head. I should look up more on stuff - but I'm not really that much into the business side of this course. Perhaps that's not a good thing to say. I acknowledge that no matter what I do, it will have something to do with business, of course, however, if possible would like to do more programming related work,  or the like, depending on how everything goes - and depending on what Masters I might decide to do later?

I still want to work at the ABC eventually. My dad works there, and I really enjoyed work experience there, but I still don't know what I could do there. Perhaps I could work on the web stuff or their TV stuff, but I don't really know if I'm in the right course for those occupations. So I need to find out more about the jobs availiable at the ABC then, I suppose.

Went with my dad to a move after everything. He got free tickets from work so we watched The Last Station. It was quite interesting. ^_^