Living at home

From a sociological perspective, extended mooching off Mom and Dad seems to be trending. Many young adults either are saving the money they do have, basking in domestic convenience, or simply waiting for the right living opportunity.
- From Psychcentral via Twitter

If you'd asked me if I would have moved out before say, 30 years of age, about two years ago, I would have replied 'no way'. Sure, it may be kinda convenient living at home especially since I don't really have any income, but over the past few years I've been entertaining the thought of moving out ASAP more and more... that is, if I will ever be allowed to leave. The crux of the matter is not that I'm daunted by this 'whole new world' per se, it's that my parents don't think I have the capability to live on my own. Or indeed even survive for a single day alone without ending up dead, let alone a week or the rest of my life – a part of the reasons I'm forced to go on this holiday whether I like it or not.

In the past I thought escaping my parents overseas could be a suitable solution, but now just moving out of the family home itself would suffice.