Links Out

My other presences

You can catch me out and about, find out even more about me, or contact me by visiting any of the following:

Caricature of Clara by Jenni Ta

  • Twitter, once a place blessed with my constant presence, but I only haunt there occasionally now
  • Instagram, where I share snaps of daily life and art
  • Flickr, for all the photos I take, whether bad or good
  • Tumblr, my all-rounded image archive
  • Crunchyroll, where I don't really keep track of what I watch, but where I do watch things
  • MyFigureCollection, my figure archive and wishlist
  • Amazon Wishlist, where I keep track of things I can't afford (yet?)
  •, my paid-for social media profile
  • LinkedIn, my more professional profile
  • Github, for various tech-like projects
  • Portfolio Site, my more professional site

Friends from UTS

Hey, a blogroll! Because this is how we roll. These are largely current university friends' blogs which I like to read and think others (like you) would also be interested in. Looking at it, there's a lot of you!


Friends from Elsewhere

Some of these friends are from high school or other parts of the world.

Other Blogs I Like

Some blogs I've found in time that I would recommend to others.

Pertinent Credits

Caricature of me by @picamadew.