Links for 2014-09-27

Terminal Wordpress SVN

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in this category. Being as it is that anything I could write is pretty much well documented by others, instead have the list of links I referred to.

  • Setting up a local web server on OS X - Since I wanted to try this, but was discouraged from it after running into issues with MySQL and being told XAMPP or MAMP is a better idea. (XAMPP is nicer though, both because it's a nicer experience and it's more up to date)
  • Installing MySQL on OS X - Incidentally, the follow-up to the previous link.
  • How to stop MySQL on a Mac OS install - Trying the resolve the issues I created for myself above, I found this. Once you've loaded it, you need to unload it. Ah.
  • Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion - I've been told this makes it easier to maintain, and I trust their opinion on the matter. Anything's worth trying when it comes to WordPress.
  • Uninstall MySQL from Mac OS X - Further resolving of the issues I created for myself above, hopefully so I don't make the same mistake again. Then again, you have to learn from your mistakes, right?
  • Install Wordpress on XAMPP - I used subversion to download WordPress instead of downloading the .zip, but no one mentioned to me before that it needed to be in its own folder within the htdocs folder of XAMPP. I had to backtrack a few steps before taking a few more steps forward as I accidentally deleted everything while trying to remove a symbolic link that pointed to the wrong folder, then I could go ahead with going through phpMyAdmin. Seeing as I've never really used my own webhost before with WordPress, this was new...
  • WordPress asking for Local FTP - To install plugins on WordPress you either need to give your FTP details or manually download them and drop them in the right folder. Not knowing the second and unable to figure out the first, I ended up just giving WordPress the permissions it wanted but shouldn't have. Not so much of a deal on a localhost installation, but probably not good for anything live..

That’s all from the saga for today! Now I can finally rid myself of some of these many tabs I have open in Firefox. I’m sure the browser is now breathing a sigh of relief. In the next few weeks to come, I’m going to be trying to unravel some php and WordPress mysteries to build a few themes, with luck I won’t be forced to build from an existing theme this time.