Useful Links 2015-05-04

Yuki and Ame from Wolf Children gnawing on chair legs

  • The Noun Project - Drag, drop, done.

    • Sounds like the nicest way to use icons yet. Even though there are useful sites with free icons out there like iconmonstr, we often think of these as a hassle. Ungrateful bastards, aren’t we, when these resources are offered for free. Thusly so, you must pay for Noun Project, but given their selection it seems worth it.
  • Republic of Code - Playing YouTube Videos In Flash Using ActionScript 3.0

    • This site has been quite a good source of information for these various ActionScript 3.0 Flash projects I’ve been working on lately. Working with their custom components has been hard to get my head around, but I like to think I’m getting there. Anyway, I first found this same code on another site, but nowhere would tell me how I could autoplay the video. Finally on this site I spotted the obvious option to playVideo() after it was cued, then realised I could loadVideoById() instead of just cueing it. I suppose there’s always several ways of doing something.
  • Chmod calculator

    • For people like me that frequently forget what the numbers are. I type the numbers enough times to know that 755 is right for my purposes, but I’ve forgotten what the individual values stands for. This site sets me straight.