Like a Shopping Trolley Out of Control

Fighting with shopping trolleys and such other things in Ben-to

Reading Georgie’s soulful poetry yesterday reminded me of a poem I thought I had written once for homework when I was still in high school. Although typically I never wrote particularly good poems for English class as I either tried too hard to force a rhyming pattern or wrote free-verse aimlessly, this one instance I was actually proud of the work I had done.

Upon checking however, I realised it was actually a song’s lyrics that I had written — oops. I wouldn’t be able to write a feature article again even a few years after the HSC, but lyrics or poetry sounds like it could be interesting to delve further into.

Write a song, based on Passage Two, in which you use idiomatic language and evidence types typical of the feature article to describe an ordinary or trivial event.

Chosen event: Shopping Trolley out of control in Coles (elaborated upon)

Date: Around Friday, Aug 03, 2007

Dangerous News and Traffic Report

over on the junction of lane 1 and lane 2
there is mild congestion
causing delays to traffic
going up the right side of the dairy aisle
possible cause of delay predicted
to be a crash at the corner
of lanes 2 and 3
when the wheeled object spun
out of control into another trolley,
compensation payout seems high as
I see the red liquid trickle
across the floor from
a smashed can of tomatoes
and the mangle of metal
as the remainder of brand new
coat hangers, commuters are
advised to enter from lane 2 to lane 3
while the cleaner is called
to clean up the mess.
traffic will be directed and
you are urged to take a detour through the
frozen food section as
the problem at hand is being dealt with.
it is advised
that you do not leave the confines of
your trolley as it may be
chilly outside, in which case jumpers
can be found in aisle 5.
an alternative route can be found
however high toll prices must be paid
on your departure, lanes
depending whether you have
12 occupants or less
or more than 12, however the price varies.
commuters are advised to not enter the aisle
until further directions, however
coles is losing money as we speak.
traffic is predicted to clear up
in around two or three hours with a sharp dive
in share prices.

Screencap from Ben-to by Kiiragi at Random Curiosity. No affiliation, not mine.