Lightning Adaptors and Wishlists

Lightning to MicroUSB Adaptor from Apple

It's been out for a while, but I didn't know this was a thing. I spotted it in OfficeWorks at Wynyard today and it certainly has the potential to change my life! Well, perhaps until I stop using Android devices anyway, and head on over to the dark side. (My dad doesn't think I should since I'll just end up damaging an iPhone beyond repair.)

As someone who works both on Apple (via an iPad Mini) and Android, it can be somewhat annoying to have to carry so many cables and I often forget to bring it. Luckily its battery is still excellent, but this adapter would allow me to use all of the current hardware I carry now and just add an extra adapter to charge my iPad! Sure, it's an extra item to carry, but I won't be taking my singular Lightning cable back and forth anymore at least.

I suppose this convenience in part is why they standardised it, right? Regardless of what you think of the microUSB standard (This article seems to like it. Well, I wouldn't know, but the problems I've had over the past one and a half years, phew...), I'll admit I appreciate not having a thousand different chargers to worry about (not that I have that many devices). I'm all for Lightning though.

Anyway, in the light of wandering through OfficeWorks today and remembering that there are several things I've been pining over, I gave in today and made myself an Amazon Wishlist. I don't do this often because there's no real point wishing for things I'm not going to get, but once in a while it's nice to keep track. Feel free to check it out. :)