Life of Brian at the Moonlight Cinema

Life of Brian at the Moonlight Cinema - Original vantage point with sun setting

Despite the humid, cool dampness of the evening, a substantial number of people turned out for the Moonlight Cinema screening of Life of Brian at Centennial Park, including myself and several other friends. I personally haven’t seen much Monty Python so I’m always more than happy to experience more of it with friends, this well-timed screening merely gave us another excuse to watch it together.

Finding out how to get to the Moonlight Cinema was an adventure in itself, however. While Centennial Park is apparently quite close to Bondi Junction station, the usual travel planning websites don’t make this very obvious. Thus bus route 378 served to escort us to the correct venue if not the right side of it. Wandering through the darkened park, we arrived just as the movie began against the backdrop of the fading sunset.

It echoed quite a bit the further back you sat and the grass was damp, however this was all eclipsed by the experience — truly moonlit. Theatre-like because of the large screen yet completely different when the cool breezes drift across and make the picture ripple like it’s underwater. The sounds echo across the otherwise quiet park (except when a plane flew overhead behind us).

These kinds of events you don’t see too often in Sydney. Especially a screening that is largely surrounded by nature, though there were the winking city lights in the distance. Even at UTS where there are occasionally evening screenings, there are the bright lights of the classrooms surrounding the Alumni Green, though I imagine this results in much less echoing. The Moonlight Cinema isn’t around for much longer and simply needs to be experienced.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get this cheerful yet morbid song out of my head very soon, but I’ll be looking forward to the next Monty Python event, whenever or whereever it happens to be. Kudos to @Adasifs for catching this movie on at the Moonlight Cinemas and inviting all of us to come! I hope next time we’ll also be singing ‘always look on the bright side of life’ as we head home after another fun event.

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