Meyer Life and Death

So apparently Stephenie Meyer has done the unthinkable (what can be unthinkable with her?) and released a new book which is apparently basically fanfiction in my eyes - it’s a retelling of Twilight with the characters ‘genderswapped’ or what we call genderbending in fandom. What’s it called? It’s apparently Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined… wow, has it already been 10 years since it came out?

Some of the press is actually quite funny:

It’s been ten years since Twilight first poked its sparkly head into the world and started teaching teens about the abusive and inappropriate relationships between humans, vampires, and something called The Volturi (which has honestly always scared me a little), so Stephenie Meyer is dusting off her greatest hit and presenting it to fans as something new and completely different. She’s written a 442-page epic that retells the story of the first novel from the point of two gender-swapped main characters.

I remember reading it in high school and initially liked it, but as we went on the story developed a strange note and while looking online I began to realise this relationship wasn’t exactly normal, or at least not the way a relationship should function. I wrote fanfiction for this series, but I also wrote a few fics that were developed to poke some holes in potential plotholes in the story that were just too easily glossed over.

In this book, the character are called Edythe and Beaufort. … The hell kind of name is Beaufort? I feel sorry for the kid already.

In any case, I haven’t read it yet. I only heard about it today actually, such is how much I really care about the franchise anymore. But this review is possibly the best one I’ve read. This ‘review’ was also amusing.

If this book ends up discounted, I’ll read it. Otherwise I can’t justify the cost. Meyer, you earned (earned?) a lot of my money over the years on the whole Twilight series as well as The Host so I feel okay in not giving you too much more.

The only ‘Life and Death’ book that I want to see myself pay full price for better be about criminology or true crime in some way.