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Leonard Nimoy as Spock from Star Trek The Original Series

I’ve been much too caught up in my own crazy world recently to give my attention to the news so when Leonard Nimoy was mentioned over the weekend while sorting through a pile of shirts with Ruben, I had reason for pause. The shirt in question was a worn but good Spock shirt, his hand held up the usual recognisable gesture. Live long and prosper.

I was only introduced to Spock through the new Reboot movies. Although I haven’t seen much of Leonard Nimoy himself other than as ‘Alternate Future Spock’ in the second Star Trek Reboot movies and a few clips here and there on the internet, it was enough to tell that he was a great actor that managed to set up some big shoes for Zachary Quinto to fill - that Quinto managed very well in my opinion as I watched some interviews of the two discussing the role. Nimoy, on the other hand, seemed to reprise his role effortlessly.

In my world, a bowl cut always meant a great deal of humiliation - suggesting that a parent with zilch hairdressing skills whatsoever flopped a bowl on their kid’s head and just cut around it. However Spock, with his strangely calm ways while hiding his deep inner turmoils and sporting that very hairstyle under his pointed ears, made me like it somehow. He’s won me over more than Data ever could.

Some good reads as we remember this brilliant man and friends and fans all over continue to pay tribute:

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In other news, I need to read the news more (pun?). And Ruben better hold good on this promise.

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