LEGO Senketsu


Oh. My. Mako. I want this with a fire of a thousand burning suns. Or the fire of Ryuuko’s burning eyes. Or the flames of Satsuki’s endless willpower. I’m not sure that really made sense, but I still really want it. Almost as much as I want a Senketsu scarf, I think. Senketsuuuuuu!

While I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the other Lego creations this creator has made of other Ultima uniforms throughout the KILL la KILL series (Blade Regalia Mk.II is not bad at all), this Lego construction of Senketsu looks like him to a T — and what do you know, there really is a T in his name!

I wonder if the always talented Moko will make a Junketsu now…?

Senketsu Lego by legodoumoko (Moko), on Flickr