Left-align problem in Lectora Inspire

Ayatsuri Sakon

Lectora Inspire problems? Got a text box in your Lectora file that is perfectly accurately right-aligned (leaving horizontal room for the potential for longer text), but for some inexplicable reason always displays as being left-aligned in the browser?

Any browser, it seems. Every browser - that matters. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, even that Microsoft Internet Explorer. They all display the text is inaccurately left-aligned.

I’ll tell you what your problem is. Your text box’s vertical height is not tall enough. Simply drag the centre bottom toggle to make the box bigger, and the problem is solved when previewed in any browser as simple as that. Alternatively, just go in and change the box height in the Properties tab on your ribbon (if you’re using version 11) with the same positive side effects.

No, we don’t know why that is. But it fixes the problem. Apparently it tries to add a new line for an unknown reason and therefore it… No, that didn’t make sense. Let’s just chalk this down to a weird browser quirk, like IE7 and IE8 have a great fondness of shifting text such that text in IE9 that looks fine does not look so fine in IE7. You can’t ever please all the browsers.

But you know how to fix this left-align now, and that’s what counts. Happy Lectora-ing.

Ayatsuri Sakon image by Takeshi Obata. Ayatsuri Sakon is created by Masaru Miyazaki.