Publish Lectora to Coursemill

A lot of clients often come asking when they come across issues uploading to Coursemill directly from Lectora. Generally I find it easier to just do everything within Coursemill, where you are fully aware of everything happening; but for some clients, uploading directly is a more convenient option. Besides, then you’re not fumbling around looking for your SCORM files.

Obviously the first and foremost thing to do is ensure that your Coursemill settings are set up correctly within Lectora, by going to File > Lectora Preferences > Coursemill in the following pop-up window. Here you can input all the pertinent details.

The host will be the address (domain name) Coursemill is hosted at without a trailing slash, with path as ‘/coursemill’ or ‘/lms’ or something similar. Ensure there is a slash at the start of this.

The instructor ID is the username of the instructor set up in Coursemill, and the password is the assigned password. An instructor account needs to be set up in the Coursemill interface first.

The next step is set up of the course itself in the Coursemill interface. Log into Coursemill in the browser of your choice and create the Coursemill ID of the course-to-be. Finally, the instructor needs to be assigned to the course before you can go back to the Lectora interface and begin the publish and upload process to Coursemill.

Aside: No one would cross Lectora with anime, unlike OSs.