Chirrup. Learning Proposal Final and Pretty URLs.

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I posted the link in UTSOnline in Assignments as I believe we were supposed to, however I neglected to mention the link to my final Learning proposal here.

You can locate it at:

Now just for the sake of it, I made the url 'pretty'. In this case, that means that it doesn't have '.html' at the end of it. This was done in a very simple way, but I got the idea from Octopress, a blogging framework for Jekyll... Then again, you could say the idea therefore comes directly from Jekyll.

How was this done? Basically what used to be learningproposal.html is now index.html inside of a folder called learningproposal. When a webserver looks inside a folder, it will automatically first look for a file with index, whether it's index.html or index.php. Therefore, that index page will be the one that's shown. It's as simple as that. :)


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