[Past Art] Lavina for Miku

Art of Lavinia and Gokudera for Miku on Formspring

This image is one of the many things discovered on my TwitPic. I’m reminded that image hosting sites such as TwitPic and yfrog and the like are not really very long-term, or reliable. I should be glad that these images are there at all, and I’m considering reuploading some of these to places such as Flickr in the long term.

If I have a chance, I would like to go back and gather all these images from these accounts and store them somewhere else for safekeeping. Alas, it is somewhat late for some of these TwitPic images though. No larger size is available for them, when I am quite certain they were once larger.

Perhaps, in contrast to what I tweeted those few years ago, I will have a chance to colour this image one day. I certainly would like to.

Cross posting this picture of Lavina and Gokudera.. probably won't get the chance to colour this in the near future

I haven’t talked to Miku for a long time now, but she was an old roleplaying friend from Formspring who RPed as Lavinia, Gokudera’s mother from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. These kinds of works really say a lot about my art in the past.

Someday maybe I will finally move my Livejournal posts here too.