Sexy Swimming a Reality #TV_FREE

So after KyoAni's Do Sexy Swimming (or whatever you want to call it)'s CM kicked up a storm of fangirl hype over Kyoto Animation doing a new anime with 'hot guys' and not only 'hot guys', but 'wet hot guys' dipped to a crashing halt from people calming the community by telling them 'it's only a CM and the anime's never going to happen'.... well, apparently it is happening!

Didn't see that one coming. No, seriously.

I wonder how much of this decision to make this new anime after all is a result of the reaction from the anime community, whether local or international. Fans went crazy at the thought of such an anime, and were equally disappointed at the fact it was a mere CM. I wonder exactly how much fanart and fanfiction there is out there already even without this new anime?

Of course there is also the negative reaction. This company who so likes their moeblobs want to make an anime full of males? I'm glad they decided to change their style and do something new, at least. Hyouka gave us a fine taste of the KyoAni male.

As for myself, I shall be ducking for cover under from these 'ovaries exploding' going on around me... while watching this anime.

Update: Good short summary quoted from The Dot.

Kyoto Animation, or KyoAni for short, is an anime studio known for its gorgeous animation style and soft-featured female characters, designed to appeal to straight male viewers. KyoAni often does short animated commercials, not promoting any particular anime series, but the studio itself.

It was only a matter of time before KyoAni magnanimously decided to do a commercial featuring gorgeous guys instead, if only to give the world a taste of what it’d be like if they pandered to yaoi fangirls—that is, fans of manga showcasing boy-on-boy action.

But they probably didn’t anticipate the result of unleashing a 30-second spot featuring a team of virile young swimmers upon Tumblr.