KRudd Retires

'Bill Shorten with Kevin Rudd after the former Prime Minister resigned in the House of Representatives. Picture: Kym Smith'

Kevin Rudd retired from parliament today.

He's had quite a difficult run, I must say. Since we switched out from our long-time prime minister John Howard (good riddance I say now, though back then I could be considered a 'conservative', I didn't want a new guy), our KRudd was prime minister for a good run from 2007-2010 before Julia Gillard stepped in to fill his shoes. I don't know if I expected it, but KRudd made his comeback earlier this year, before losing prime ministership to Tony Abbott again. Is that a word, prime ministership?

In any case, as Mr Rudd gave his retirement speech today, he looked rather miserable at the prospects of having to retire and paused a few times during his speech, looking emotional. I think we all expected him to step out sooner or later after what could be called a 'crushing defeat'. Maybe we all saw it coming, maybe we didn't, perhaps I was too optimistic about a nation that didn't want to suffer under Tony Abbott's obliviousness or stupidity, but anyway.

I'm not too sure if this quote about Rudd's apology to Australia's indigenous being the greatest moment of his political career from Yahoo7 News' article.. or whoever first wrote it is a typo or not, emphasis mine. Something in it just strikes me as odd:

"I hope though that what we've archived through some healing of the soul will be the first step, the second of course is closing the gap to achieve a healing of broken bodies as well."

Farewell, KRudd and good luck in your future endeavors. It was interesting having you here.

Image from CourierMail by Kym Smith.