Kimijyanakya damemitai

Sometimes it feels like there are only two types of music for me - music that would work well as anime themes, and music that wouldn’t. Of course, the song above is an actual opening theme so it was clearly deemed suitable as a theme by someone other than myself.

This song is upbeat much like the other songs I like. Why I like anime music over other music is pretty obvious for reasons of nostalgia, but it can’t just be any music either. Perhaps it is because anime music was one of the first few things I had autonomy over.

It doesn’t even matter that I don’t understand what is being sung about, that just makes it more interesting.

Some songs that have been Spotify-ied in the office recently that sounded a bit like they could have been anime themes to be include Naive by The Kooks and Reptilia by The Strokes. Pretty standard not-so-interesting stuff, but good beats.