Kill two birds with one stone

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(I didn't blog on Wednesday... but never fear, the memory is still pretty fresh.)

Wednesday = Programming Fundamentals

I think writing out my notes is a good thing, especially for Prog Fun (Hehe). It may be less neat, but for some reason, I reckon it makes me understand it better. Well... I'm not really sure.

In any case, I looked over the notes the night before and went to the lecture, and then it was off to the first tutorial and lab. The tutorial I thought was fun, writing out the lines of code, and underlining methods, and classes, and objects and so on. The tutor commented that my writing was neat, and I guess it was. I haven't written anything in ages, and I think I'm making an attempt to be neat - the only thing is how long it can really last. That I know from experience. xD

The workshop was a bit harder, not to mention with the people on either side of me freaking me out with their skillz. Alright, I jest, but they completed it very quickly, whereas I worked quite slowly. I had some problems with the last section in particular, where you had to make a house from scratch. The problem was that I did not understand the code that Bluej gave me when I made the new class. Although the booklet did say we could copy the code from the moving the circle, I ... was quite stubborn. In the end, I had to copy anyway though, however to make it more unique, I tried to change the size and colour of the house. Black house + fuschia (it looked fuschia anyway) roof = odd house. I had to create some objects with the existing classes to try to see what kind of code I needed to write in, since the compiler kept telling me I made an error. The coding didn't seem exactly the same as what we did in our tutorial, nor did it match what I tried to look up in the textbook. I suppose I'll have to work this out later on and see what I can do now...?

And one of the members of the group changed classes, so it looks like we have to look for another member. I think there was someone I know from the Anime@UTS club who was not in a group, but I ... have actually forgotten his name...

Thursday = No classes. ^^;

Friday = Web Systems

I found Friday particularly fun. The lecture was pretty interesting, and I think Unix is pretty fascinating, as frustrating as it can be trying to get the Movie Player to work (but I think I overlooked some things there, so it really is my fault...). At any rate, the lecture was about file allocation methods and .... I actually wonder if I should defragment my disk, even though the lecturer mentioned newer versions don't really need defragmenting anymore. At any rate, the lecture was quick! As a friend commented, if only Prog Fund went this quickly! (Well, it's just that two hours can be a bit... taxing...)

The workshop we were working on LinuxGym. For some reason, my internet dropped out at first, so I couldn't access even Google and LinuxGym couldn't access the internet either, but then I logged off and back in and it seemed to fix itself, so I got it working. I have realised that it seems that LinuxGym doesn't work in certain situations.

But back a few steps. My friend next to me (no full names, but his name is James) was having a little trouble with LinuxGym. First of all his folders were all missing (like the ch1-fdr (?) and the rest), so he had to manually make them (actually the first exercise's question was not very clear, and didn't mention it had to be in the chapter 1 folder until we clicked 'mark'). And then on the third part of it, LinuxGym froze and he had to close it. But when he reopened it, it would not log him in.

This is what I realised. I told him to try relogging into the online er, site? (the 192.168..... etc) and then try to log into LinuxGym, and it worked. LinuxGym will not work without an internet connection, and it will not work unless you are logged into that IP address either. I think the connection from before must have timed out, just like the Juniper Network Security things for UTS Wireless. If you break off from the Wireless, you have to close the Juniper security before trying to log back in to use the Wireless or it will not work.

I feel like UTS's technology can be so temperamental.

But we finished the questions, helping each other. James did a few typos at one point, or couldn't find the right thing to type and I'd show him, and I'd make a typo and it wouldn't work and I'd consult with him. I also helped the person next to me, and some people behind me before while doing the calender thing. I'd always spelt calender as calender, but the site wanted us to store it as 'calendar' which was why we'd keep getting the question wrong. I guess this hones our observational skills. :D

All in all, although we all had some problems trying to get everything to work, it was quite fun, particularly the helping others. xD I do like to make people happy, and then I'm happy too. And helping people makes me happy too. Maybe it was my attitude the previous week that I felt so down and depressed about university. But now it seems pretty exciting, except for all the things due - that makes me quite apprehensive. >_<

I also made an error before. The IT wireless network (which the Student Centre has no idea about) is actually called UPNFIT. Which everyone calls upen-fit, but I always just call it U-P-N-F-I-T. I think that's just a habit I have of reading everything in Caps, as just the letters? Unless it's during internet conversation of course.

This afternoon (4-7) I also had a good time with the Anime@UTS club, watching several shows. We watched Mr Brain, a japanese drama which was quite.... odd and hilarious and... odd. And then watched Baka to Test to Shokanjuu and Seitokai no Ichizon which parodied some other shows. Some things I didn't get and I wonder at my anime knowledge, but then again... I do read more manga than I watch anime anyway, so I wonder if that can be excused.

Then we also watched Detroit Metal City which made me want to crawl under the table and hide there for a few hours. I don't know those people. xD It.... was not my type of show, is all I can really say...

I guess that's all for now? Unless I've forgotten something. The club as an Art/Mecha Jam tomorrow, so I'll be going for a while, then I need to get some new clothes. I'm kind of running out with uni, since although wearing the same outfit is not unusual... well wearing the shirt 4 days in a row isn't something people want to see either... But I need to work! worry