[Oukaranman] by KEYTALK and other anime tunes

I’ve recently become addicted to the new opening theme for Kyoukai no Rinne (RIN-NE), 「Oukaranman」 by KEYTALK. I used to follow RINNE back when it first began serialising in Shonen Sunday, offering the manga free on their website’s reader, but I neglected keeping up with the series as other things started getting in the way.

The new anime is one of the best from this season in my opinion, giving me a kind of Natsume Yuujinchou-esque feel. In particular, Rinne as a protagonist is definitely different from all of Takahashi Rumiko-sensei’s previous ones who were brash and often rushed into things (like Inuyasha).

If you’re interested today I started consolidating an Anime Playlist of lots of my favourite OPs and EDs just for listening to while I’m at work. Feel free to take a look and suggest anything I’ve forgotten.

By the way, if you enjoyed their song, don’t just loop it on YouTube. For once, this is a song that you can purchase on iTunes, and I’ve done so already since I’m loving it so much. :D Chip in and support some artists you love!