Kefa used to write

Working without Adobe and its collection of included fonts over the past few weeks has been an exercise in patience. Often I was unable to find a font I liked as well as unable to insert it in the way I wished with the programs I had. With CS6 reinstated on my MacBook though, I decided to revisit my current logo to take a look at which font family it utilised.

I haven't had my current logo for all that long and even though I'm not pleased with it as a whole, I am quite a fan of the typeface that was selected — a Latin and Ethiopic typeface called Kefa and included in the Apple Mac OS X operating system. Unfortunately this means it doesn't lend itself well to webfonts, and fonts similar to Kefa are also licensed and proprietary.

Regardless, Kefa is elegant, modern and smooth, suitable for both printed and on-screen media. It has a slab-serif origin, large x-height and relatively condensed letterforms which ensures this. Although I like the way Kefa works with my current logo in it's three-letter-acronym reincarnation and reduced letter-spacing, I'm not sure how I feel about it spelt out entirely.

Until I find another alternative though, Kefa will remain one of my top fonts. Isn't it interesting that often it is fonts that were created to serve other languages other than English that become your favourite?

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