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Kawaii explanations of DNS and webservers

If all IT lessons were like this, would more people come into IT? Okay, no, but this sure is darned cute and I wouldn't mind seeing much more though I can't find the site this image is from anymore, which is a shame.

It makes you wonder though, with all those OS-tans around, maybe the hardware should also get some -tans. What could turn out would be interesting... and extremely complex. But it would sure also be an interesting way to teach computing concepts. :3

Update: Seems like I mistook a 'rn' for an 'm'! I suppose I wear these glasses for a reason then - oops! Thanks for clearing it up for me, @Dorry_kun. :)

@hanezawakirika Source to your cute networking 'infographic': http://flarnie.com/2011/web-design/web-hosting-explained/

Image credits to go Flarnie.com!