Kame: Sapuri and Yuuki

Kamenashi Kazuya in Sapuri

Before Friday, I only had the foggiest of ideas who Kamenashi Kazuya was, but it only took a few short hours for me to become a fan, as after many attempts, I finally finished watching the JDrama Sapuri (Suppli). I’ve started and restarted this series a couple of times through the years, but at an hour an episode each, it was too long of a length of time to commit to, and I would usually make way for other things.

However this time as I watched it, the series became meaningful to me. Faced with a similar issue of late, I found myself nodding to a few of the things with Ishida Yuya, who Kame plays in the series, was saying or doing; such as the fact that the lack of respect at his job made him want to quit, and the fact he couldn’t understand why Fujii Minami, the female protagonist, would spend all evening at work even though she was still receiving the same salary.

Inevitably, Fujii’s response was that when she first started, that brief experience of recognition of her skill for the first time meant that she kept on trying to aim to achieve that sense of recognition for her skills. This is where she comes in, trying to convince Ishida to work on and develop his interest in advertising, providing him guidance and a measure of support; all the while mixed in with a jarful of romantic drama.

Regardless, this series was interesting because of both their struggles, Fujii in figuring out her priorities and how to communicate better with others, and Ishida with his sense of being too young, still just a ‘kid’ and trying to ‘grow up’ and be an adult who could be on the same level as Fujii.

This series resonated deeply with me. Not just because of these factors, of wanting to be ‘equal’, ‘recognised’/‘acknowledged’, but in a way also the age difference, as Fujii is 28 and Ishida is an unspecified early 20s. Perhaps we could each draw something different from this series.

In my obsessed state, however, I went and watched Yuuki late on Friday night, where Kame plays the titular character, Yuuki. It is an extremely touching TV-movie as part of 24-Hour Television (a telethon to raise awareness of social issues in Japan and around the world) and is about a young boy, Yuuki, who while exploring Australia was told to go to a hospital immediately after returning to his home country because he has a serious terminal disease. Throughout the whole ordeal, Yuuki is able to keep positive, saying he needs to live everyday to its utmost.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to quit your job, go travelling and just take odd jobs in order to live. At least… maybe it’s feasible. Why not?

I shall be looking for more great Kame JDramas in the next few weeks to come…