Just write it out.

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This topic goes way back to the time of the just-post-HSC, or possibly during HSC when they were mentioning that in future years, students would be able to do their exams using their laptop instead of writing on their exam papers.

Of course, not only is such an idea highly difficult to completely integrate - although I'm sure they're working on it - one of the issues is the fact that it appears that they intend for the students to use the computers being distributed to Year 7 and Year 9 students. This means that perhaps a student would be able to cheat, but of course, there should be ways in which this would work - I'll leave it up to the experts.'

But the problems of such a suggestion(?) is not what I want to be dealing with.

It is the fact that this does not really solve the problem that is. What problem, you ask? Please excuse me for not structuring this better, but the reason idea was presented in the first place was because of the dropping standards of students' handwriting, making it harder for teachers to mark exam papers with speed, while still giving the student all the marks that they can.

I do not admit to have the best handwriting but I do try hard to make my handwriting at least understandable. If it suddenly becomes that exams will be able to be taken using the computer - not that it is unheard of in our technology driven world - this does not address the problem, and instead just makes it worse.

If it is important now for students to be able to type quickly to be able to write as much as they can, and demonstrate their ideas as well as they can, this would mean a new focus on typing speed rather than handwriting, and handwriting will only get worse. There are reports all the time of students unable to write properly, and so on, yet this only fuels it.

Isn't being able to use a computer also a big disadvantage though? Whereas us before were required to carefully plan our responses to questions, this means that it is not required of a student to plan now, as they are able to go back and edit. It is not as if they cannot allow editing, as even when handwritten, students will go back and change words, add words. It's just that more words are able to be added seamlessly with a computer, not to mention if something such as using timing indications for the edits could be implemented to solve this, this would just cause more work, and possibly training for teachers.

So while I deviate from the point a little, how does changing to typing out exams solve anything? It is only going to create a different problem, and no doubt things like handwriting are going to disappear, right?

Although new technologies appear on the internet that now have a larger focus towards handwritten things, which step is in the right direction?

(Check out Tegaki-e, the hand-written/drawn blogging site. I have no confidence in my artistic ability, so I've not used it, but it is a very interesting site to browse.)