An Inexperienced Journey: Experiences Installing RAM

4GB of RAM

A few days ago I switched out the trusty 4GB of RAM which I'd used for the past year which I've owned my MacBook and upgraded it to 8GB of RAM, which kind of sounds like a big deal, but I'm not sure how much of an impact it's had on the stuff I do with my laptop yet.

Basically I just followed the instructions Apple provided here and everything went perfectly. It was such a simple experience with clear direction unlike trying to change the HDD out of my netbook and swap in an SDD which probably cost more than the netbook itself. There was no moving of parts out of the way, no having to unstick things or taking out things that I didn't want to take out... Of course, there's a lot more room to work with in a 13" MacBook Pro, they're separated by several years of technological advancements, and their interior design is miles apart, but their documentation was easy to locate and understand whereas I had to take to Youtube to find out what to do with that old netbook.

Inside the Macbook

I much agree with Ruben when he talks about how lovely the design of Macs are. Comparing his Linux tower and the Mac Pro he owns, it's very clear which one is designed to make people's lives easier, still look aesthetically pleasing while being fully functional as a machine and providing that ease of access. The Macbook Pro was really clean and neat when opened up, not the usual mess of wires and colours which I've seen opening up laptops in the past. That sounds like I do it often, but I don't and when I do it's usually only to change around hard drives. Nothing glamorous.

Inside of the MacbookHard drive and battery

What did I do? I flipped the Macbook, unscrewed all the screws, being careful to make note of where they belonged as there are long screws and short screws, took off the case, forgot to touch something metallic inside until I read the instructions again, touched something metallic inside, pinched the clips on either sides of 2GB of RAM to pop it upwards and take it out and then did the same with the second 2GB. How's that for a long sentence? Then I took 4GB of RAM and inserted it (oh my), making sure it fit in the slot properly before pushing the chip downwards flat, hearing the click of confirmation and then installing the second 4GB of RAM in a similar fashion. It was a painless experience and actually quite fun doing, whereas installing that SDD made me quite frustrated.

Screws from MacbookInstalling 4GB

I think the strangest part might actually just have been that I thought I needed special/specific screwdrivers to take out the screws on the bottom of the case, but it didn't seem like it after all. Well, that and making sure the screws returned to their original places perfectly so there wasn't an edge left out that could scratch the table.