An Inexperienced Journey: Tumblr custom domain


Last month the only domain which I have with Namecheap expired, and although I was thinking of transferring it over to Hover where my other domains (all of two) currently are, in the end I didn't manage to get that done. So it was with Namecheap for another year!

In the year that had passed after I had registered and linked my Tumblr to that domain, the interface had changed, so I wasn't sure where to find anything. I hadn't changed any of the settings after renewing the domain, but inexplicably the domain no longer linked to my Tumblr and only to a parking page saying the domain had been registered with Namecheap. I left it for about a month, but without any way to access my Tumblr anymore, I set out for a solution.

This post post told me everything I needed to know, despite consulting with Tumblr first. The reason is simply just because I needed help in locating where the A-record and CNAME stuff was even though I'd looked through every option in the interface. Funnily, despite Tumblr's advice, the "" address in the post worked whereas "" didn't appear to. Regardless, it's working now anyway.

Your address does not compute

The problem I'd run into with Namecheap is that although I hadn't changed any settings, I wasn't able to find the URL forwarding option with the A-record and CNAME fields mentioned in the post anywhere. After some searching of the knowledgebase, I finally came across this article that told me I had to transfer my DNS back to Namecheap, but I hadn't realised I'd transferred off them in the first place..

In any case, stupid mistakes aside, at least it's all fixed and running again now! As usual though, Namecheap's interface confuses me, I find the Hover one much more easily understandable and user friendly. Your mileage may vary.