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Eden System in Eden of the East

Back when I was still doing my Bachelor's degree in IT, one of the last subjects I took was Mobile Networking at UTS. For the mobile application (largely for iPhone) that my group members and I designed I did research on similar technologies, although we still didn't stray as far from existing technology as I would have liked.

As far as I know there hadn't been any outstanding apps to trial at the time since I did a sweep of the Google Play Store and the best I could find was metaio/junaio's augmented reality application — which had no data for Australia. However it seems there is — or was — a readily available Google Goggles App which allows users to take a photograph of something, essentially performing an image search. Another of their ditched projects?

Being anime fans of various degrees, of course my group's application was in part based on the Eden System from Eden of the East, or so I thought. However my members' and my conflicting visions of the application drew it back to something much less innovative and original. Students in the class asked how our application was that different from Google Goggles and we hastily replied 'because there's a community!', even though how it worked was still vague to my mind.

Jelly App Photos

Introducing Jelly

A couple of days ago, the new Jelly app was launched, and it seems to attempt to implement part of the Eden System which Google Goggles and even the application I helped to design lacked, at least to my understanding of either applications. Jelly's basis is asking questions with an attached photo and allowing others to comment with their answers. But in the overall scheme of things this is nothing new.

As Selena of ReadWrite says although this app has good intentions of wanting people to help others and therefore develop this mindset of finding ways to assist others, there will inevitably be the trolls and those that find ways to abuse such a service. We'll see how it plays out.

Nonetheless, if all these ideas could somehow be integrated together with a smooth interface, it could turn out something great. I still can't let go of the image of the Eden System in Eden of the East, it was just a fresh way of looking at things at that time and we still haven't managed to reach it. Using augmented reality to display information to the user (information other than preprogrammed information depending on your location), rather than overlaying the text on photographs would actually be something new.

Eden of the East image from Metanorn.
Jelly image from Jelly Blog.

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