Jawbone UP2 Initial Thoughts

I’ve only been wearing the Jawbone for about a day, but am already reaping some benefits from it. Here’s some initial thoughts on it:

  • Creates awareness of the amount of Calories Per Day that you should be consuming. It’s said that the average intake is 8700KJ but for smaller people this would be different, as it would be more for larger people.
  • It’s irritating that Calories cannot be changed to kilojoules in settings, as most measurements in Australia are in kJ rather than kCal which means manual conversion, creating a more complex process.
  • Creates mindfulness, so you consider the health benefits of walking up the stairs over taking the escalator and make less excuses - ‘Oh, I just took the stairs earlier, I can take the escalator this time’
  • Creates awareness of the reality of the situation of your foods, for example a simple bacon and egg wrap/roll is already 23 of your daily intake. Half a pizza would have all your daily intake in one go. A good size would be for a meal to have ~300kCal.
  • Could result in an obsession with keeping track with your Calorie intake.