Japanese Sweets

How much do I want to go to Japan? Let me count the ways. This article about food souvenirs from each Japanese prefecture is yet another temptation to go to Japan - though no doubt would leave you with a larger spare tyre around your middle. Tyre or tire?

In the meantime, now I want to make mochi - which is what the video above is for. The only problem is that I don’t want to have to bake them, because I don’t know how to use our oven and the last time it was used it spat out the smell of gas all through the house - luckily it seems that you can also use a pot or a rice cooker or a microwave. There are always other options, eh?

It also involves buying very particular ingredients, of course, which may just be the hardest part of all.. I guess I’ll have to see where I can go to find mochiko. owo If I succeed, I may even attempt those mochi waffles that used to be at Hana Hana before they closed down..