Japanese and German: Inemuri

Japanese workers sleeping on the train

From @tomoakiyama yesterday:

Another embarrassing Japanese word adapted to German: inemuri 'sleeping on the job/class' http://bit.ly/112qVgf via @hamazakikaku

I'd be interested to see who knows of this word in Germany... or Germans in any part of the world, really. Is this a word added because of pop culture or has it been around longer than that and how did it cross from Japanese to German? Well, considering how similar these people are in things such as their work ethic, I can see how they might have adopted things from each other but still fascinating.

Most of the sources I looked a online seem to translate inemuri to something akin to 'powernapping' however. Which carries a totally different connotation to 'sleeping on the job/class' - or at least, I think so. I guess it's either Marketing at work, or it's actually true and all this time I've been ashamed of accidentally falling asleep in class - oh, I was only powernapping which makes me refreshed later. ;D

For what though...?

Regardless, I definitely have this problem.

Image by Tischbeinahe on Wikimedia Commons. I can't read anything.


From @Dorry_kun on Twitter:

@hanezawakirika If I understood it correctly, inemuri is a half-asleep state - resting, but paying enough attention not to eg miss your stop The wikipedia article refers to power-nap, but I think they're very different.

Been referred to as powernap in various places! While I think they are related, I don't think they're necessarily the same. :)