#ithinkican with @Rubenerd (#artandabout)

Yesterday, while preparing to take the train back, Ruben and I crawled into Central Station at the Northern/Grand Concourse at around 5PM and what did we see but what seemed to be a model railway! They were still setting up, but I for one was ecstatically taking pictures with my phone like a small child. The funny part was that there was an out-of-time period CountryLink train also whizzing around the tracks, but somehow that just made it so much cooler. It was a bit later that we were told this was an interactive installation, that you could become a character in this universe and you would control it over the next three weeks.

Ruben and I decided to do the test for a character together and were told we were a 'Protector'. On choosing to be a character that was like us, I don't quite recall what choices there were were, but one was a nun and one wore what looked like a hazmat suit. Ruben and I looked at each other and decided to go with him, who turned out to be an Infectious Disease Expert.

After being allowed past the barrier and closer to the set, one of the staff members helpfully explained who had already appeared and what had happened already, as well as where certain buildings were. After some deliberation, Ruben and I decided where we wanted to put our character.

There was a bit of trouble putting down glue dots on the set, but eventually our dressing Infectious Disease Expert sauntered past a building, across the railway tracks (after looking both ways) and ended up at the base of the water tower, ready to grab a sample. You can see the report about it below or at this link on their website!

Disease Expert Coughs Up The Truth

An infectious diseases expert has discovered an important link between Springfield Junctions water supply and the frog in the throat epidemic spreading through the town. He needs to do special science- like tests to determine the root of this irritating cough festival the town has endured for the last week.

Expert under the water tower

It looks like an amazing way to storytell collaboratively and truly is a multiplatform project, spanning real life and digital world — it's interesting to think about this from the perspective of my Digital and Multiplatform Storytelling class. The set itself is also really highly detailed and the trains whistling past are always a novelty. What wouldn't I do to be able to explore this set in more detail, yet it seems so fragile!