That Irish Poster Thing

So a stock photo of lovely family who is in actuality entirely supportive of marriage equality for same-sex couples has been used as the face of a ‘say no’ campaign in Ireland. As quoted from The Irish Independent, their statement in regards to this matter was like so:

Mothers and Fathers Matter issued a statement on the matter shortly afterwards, which was emailed to media outlets around the country with the subject line: "Ok, you all want to talk about this poster thing, apparently. Here's our response."

Under the headline 'Mothers and Fathers Matter issues response to Amnesty Learning About Stock Photos and Stuff', the statement read: "Mothers and Fathers Matter issue the following statement in response to Amnesty International's decision to spend a second day of this campaign talking about the views of Australian stock models: 'We're just worried that Colm O'Gorman will be shocked and appalled as he discovers the family in the coke ad actually like pepsi'."

Well, clearly no need to take these people seriously then.