When A Phone Goes Splash

an iPhone 4S next to a large Samsung phone

… is the most terrifying moment ever, I have to admit. They weren’t kidding.

In the pouring rain today, as Sydney got hammered by storms (meanwhite, er, while it was snowing in the Blue Mountains), while attempting to struggle into my father’s car carrying armfuls of possessions, with a plop, my phone took a leaping dive and took a dirty bath in the gutter water rushing along the rode.

I tossed all my belongings in the car haphazardly and snapped up my phone the minute I located it in the darkness, but I was terrified the damage was done. I switched it off immediately, and dried it off with tissues until I got some better advice.

I’ve seen at least two other phones broken by water damage this past year, and I’m not above believing I’m going to be just another statistic in the long line of many iPhones destroyed under similar circumstances.

Will it be fixed? We’ll continue this saga in a few days, but in the meantime, I’ll be putting Dan Benjamin’s suggestion to the test by putting various water-absorbinging products with my phone in a bag.

There are promising signs though, for example there was no water in the Sim card slot and the ‘Liquid Colour Indicator’, which I never noticed was there before, is still white. Additionally there is no water in the camera, which I am told by Ruben is a telltale sign… nonetheless I’m still worried about the speakers and charging port which were in the direct line of ‘fire’.

Is this what people come to my blog to read about?


It may interest you to know that this time last year the Blue Mountains were being ravaged by bushfires, but this year they were treated to a blizzard. Polar opposites if I saw any (pun intended?).