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Or suutarto, if you want to be Japanese about it. Yes, yes.

Anyway, this is the 'blog' for Inuyasha Seitenkan. Of course, this is only a fan work, and there is only one person writing it, but I hope to make it somewhat of an enjoyable experience.

What is Seitenkan about? Inuyasha Seitenkan is essentially what it means. Although it actually means 'sex-change', we will call it simply 'gender-bending'. This means the genders of the characters have all been switched around, and it all gets a little crazy, but it's all in good fun.

This whole sort of thing began with various other genderbending things but generally were restricted to making yaoi couples and the like. Pretty much just to form a couple which the fandom wanted. Well, the new trend is to switch all the characters around, like in Suzumiya Haruhi no Seitenkan (The Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya).

Doubtless to say, there have already been such images of various characters from Inuyasha being switched of gender, however, this is my take on it. I stress that. This is in no way absolute. Also, all the Inuyasha characters are copyright Takahashi Rumiko-sensei and are in no way my own.

Here's a nice little article for more information:

I will also mention their names will be changed to suit their new gender, of course. All the effort will be made to make sure they are actually accurate in some form in Japanese - since I like to be diligent about that sort of thing.

How did this blog begin? The credit here is not mine. This was first brought up on the forum in The credit goes to Big Boss.

You can view the thread here: Or visit the associated Inuyasha site:

The format of this will be? For the most part, written like a fanfiction. I don't have enough of the motivation to draw all of it myself, since I would need to do all this thinking before I draw it, all in all, writing is quite easy. However, illustrations will also be provided... once I get to them, of course!

I have a few sketches at the moment, however, which I can put up.

Additional Information? Well, I will get to that when I think of it. Feel free to comment for more information.

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