Introducing... Manga


I forget many things over the years, the good, the bad, the normal. Memories trickle away like water slipping down the slimy rocks of a brook — if there are indeed any rocks — slowly but steadily. I’d be extremely concerned if they were like rapids.

I was looking over a website and being critical of its design yesterday while making comparisons (what they did, what we did), and in that time I read someone’s short profile, and a particular line caught me with a sense of familiarity:

[name] convinced her high school to introduce Manga into their library.

I did this myself in a way, and had the joyful pleasure of donating the first volume of manga to the library to boot — a couple of volumes of Chobits, since I wasn’t inclined to buy the rest of the series and I was running out of stashing space (since my mother would throw them out/confiscate them when she saw them). In addition, the first volume of Kare Kano which I had in duplicate, and a volume of xxxHOLiC I had a double of also.

The library had been considering manga even before then though, as they pondered the idea of bringing graphics novels in and turned to a local expert — which somehow had turned out to be me for some reason. Likely as a result of my sometimes having and entire anime series in my bag, and notably having stacks of anime hidden in my locker at school.

I tried to give my opinion and advice where I could, and donated some volumes as a starter. I also gave them a couple of DVDs though I’m not sure if they kept them (DN Angel). They soon began to bring more manga in however, which was lovely even though I never borrowed any of them.

I’ve given away a lot of manga over the years — in high school I gave away a few hundred dollars’ worth. Even the library almost got a hundred dollars’ worth of manga, when you consider the prices back then were almost $20 a volume. I gave away Ayashi no Ceres, Love Hina (the first series I ever collected any of), The Good Witch of the West and some various other titles, in part because I didn’t intend to finish collecting them.

These days I’m more than happy to take in books though, even if I’m unlikely to read them for months or years. To boot, I don’t get in trouble for things I didn’t buy.

I don’t know if I regret my actions now, but regardless it was the right decision to make at the time to make an attempt to reduce how much I had. Who knows, someday I might collect them again, not to mention head back to the school library to see how much manga they’ve managed to amass over the years (or if they’ve decided to stop!). I have faith in my kouhais though - keep the otaku culture alive!