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Just a post of links to other places, because I'm not qualified to tell you anything about the internet other than try to muddle around with HTML and CSS with you and complain about Australian Internet speeds. So without further ado:

  • ABC News: Proof the internet filter lives on by other means: The Australian internet filter you thought was vanquished lives on because of a "novel interpretation of [a] 15-year-old legislation". The Australian Government requested ISPs to block an IP address because it "was linked to a fraud website", however as this IP address was shared, it not only blocked access to that website, but all other sites which shared the same address. ISPs were 'legally' unable to give reasons as to why this IP was blocked. Alternative article in the SMH.
  • Rubenerd: Commission on the Theft of Functional Electronics: Ruben shares news of a proposal to legalise usage of malware/rootkits/ransomware to punish people who are believed to be 'pirating', which would lock your computer up and take your files hostage until the police is called... and its wider implications and history.

Now I'm not particularly passionate about most things so while giving my opinion or telling you a story about an experience of mine would probably spice up this post, I don't anything particularly interesting to say here. Yes, I think they're problems, but aside from that I can't bring myself to be angry, just disappointed, but what's new anyway..

Posting for posterity, or something like that.