[Instagram] People worth following

Hand Drawn Logos from Seb Lester on Vimeo.

    • It’s the most stylish dog in the world! While people have been dressing their pets up for eons, no one has managed to dress their pets up in thoroughly human clothes so well as to make us imagine that he really is your everyday gentleman, just with a dog’s head. It’s amazing how this has become a business, with many fashion brands using this Shiba to advertise their products. This is paired with A+ photography.
    • I first found this Instagram from this website, written/drawn/created by a blogger whom my old colleagues at ITC Learning frequently check in with. Once after our Friday lunches, they went into a bookstore to find his book, but unfortunately it isn’t available in Australian bookstores yet. Don’t play with your food, our parents like to tell us. But if you play with food and anything else that you can get your hands on, some amazing things can sometimes find their ways out of it - it’s all about taking the opportunity in front of us.
    • First discovered on here while looking for info to fix up my blog with, my first reaction was how. Take a gander at the video, it’s guaranteed to blow your socks off. Calligraphers are special beings, but it strikes me that many logos/brands out there are really basically just words with great typography… So my practices from long ago aren’t wrong?