All in the name of Twitter (names)

Twitter Follow icon from Social Sketches, a hand drawn icon set

These stories of account hackings, all in the name of gaining access to rare short twitter usernames, have been making the rounds of the internet in the past day, most notably the first on this list articled published to Medium:

Definitely all worth a read to see how even having an extremely secure password may not help you, but also concerning that while this was happening in 2012, it’s still also happening now, albeit through different sites. Nothing’s really changed in all this time.

When is someone going to get around two-factor authentication too? Is the solution to separate all your accounts altogether? How tedious, but it could save you in the long run. Perhaps I should be glad that I’m not likely to ever be popular enough to be targeted over such a thing.

I think Josh Bryant has the best quote though:

Some of the biggest companies in the world have security that is only as good as a minimum-wage phone support worker who has the power to reset your account. And they have valid business reasons for giving them this power.

Various other reportings

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