Improved underground reception for Sydney


From the Sydney Morning Herald today, the Eastern Suburbs line in Sydney is the last line to join the underground (literally) network’s mobile upgrade.

This means travelling to Bondi Junction from Redfern/Central no longer leaves you on an almost G connection all the way through the trip, but I would be curious to see how the connection has improved in what used to be the Airport Line tunnel. As Ruben, myself and friends witnessed in 2012, the reception in there was on average truly shocking.

While it has been pleasing to see reception getting better and better throughout the past few years in the tunnels from Redfern to Wynyard, this upgrade is a long time in coming. As the article states, Optus first approached the ‘State Rail Authority in 1996 to install infrastructure to provide mobile coverage in the Sydney CBD underground rail network’, yet this rare act of foresight was unnoticed.

Just think how much frustration it would have saved me in years past as I impatiently waited until the train reached Milsons’ Point from Central and I was able to reconnect to the network again. Brief stops at stations sometimes meant that I was able to slip online for half a minute — is this what they call addiction, folks?

In any case, thank god that it seems that this time around in building the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link the infrastructure for flawless mobile reception was already in place when it opened.