Impromptu outing with @Rubenerd, @Sebasu_tan, @mr_gazpacho and others

Malaysian Festival at Tumbalong ParkMalaysian drinks

Intending to go to the remainder of the Moon Festival at Market City today, somehow Ruben, Seb, Duc and I ended up at the Malaysian Festival happening at Tumbalong Park instead for the most part. Vadim dropped by a for a bit but soon disappeared, though it was nice to see him all the same.

Luckily we did catch a sign of the lion dancers on our way to Tumbalong Park, as they 'blessed' the restaurants along Chinatown. I know the term for it in Chinese, but I have no idea how it can be translated, basically the lion eats up some lettuce tied to the front of the restaurant and spits it out everywhere though, or in this case the lion dancers threw it backwards. You usually see this done during Chinese New Year though or a new store opening.

Char kway teow

Anyway, we made it to the park where it was absolutely teeming with people and food vendors. Deciding to get some food, we wandered and Ruben and I bought some char kway teow and I bought a grass jelly drink. The char kway teow was actually not as dark as I expected it to be, but it tasted great and it had prawns! We bumped into older Chris while we were sitting there and eating (well, more like he bumped into us!), and I believe he had an ice chendol which looked pretty good, though I've never had it myself... sigh!

He stayed with us as we went for a walk to Harbourside and then back to Tumbalong Park to buy some pancakes that had peanut and interestingly creamed corn... somehow that made a wonderful combination, though it needed more corn. Ruben and he talked extensively, and it was interesting to hear about different cities. I do wish I could travel more!

Tom N Toms raspberry soda

Later on, we split up and Ruben and I hung out in Tom N Toms for a while, working and doing various things. All in all it was a great day, despite being a little disorganised. Worked out alright in the end... I hope!

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