TinyPNG makes things tinier

After my little experiment yesterday, Georgie replied, asking whether I’d tried some online compression technologies before.

I love imageOptim. Have you tried tinypng.com or tinyjpg.com for compressing in general? I use them on top of compressing with imageOptim, and only sometimes. There is a very slight loss in quality.

I remember I’d tried these out some time ago in my previous job, when we had a bunch of large images which we needed to compress down, however I did not recall the quality of those images or whether I had preferred it over my ImageOptim and imagemagick ways. Having heard her recommendation, today I decided to give it a go.

Let’s use the Kyoukai no Rinne logos from the previous post, even though my initial experiment was with some project files at work. Taking the last file from last time, we pass it through TinyPNG and the file size goes down from 6.6KB (~7KB) to 5.8KB (89% of previous, 18% of original).

Kyoukai no Rinne logo from TinyPNG

With the naked eye, no discernible difference, which is good enough for me, but I wondered whether we could pass this image through a few more times whether it could become smaller/worse quality. Alas, it seems with the PNGs, this was the limit, but you definitely can pass a JPEG through TinyPNG/TinyJPG again and again, with more and more artefacting each time through. (No idea why it’s showing yellow btw, it looks different from different laptops..)

JPEG artefacting

One last pass through ImageOptim made negligible difference (1.6% savings). An additional last pass through ImageAlpha shore it down to 5KB after we sacrified a slightly darker colour. Is it worth so much to shear the file size this far down? Who knows.

Kyoukai no Rinne logo from TinyPNG through ImageOptim and ImageAlpha again