It was the day of Animania... yet we never even got as far as the stairs leading to ATP or the Australian Technology Park. I had class, but I still managed to make it to our IKEA trip with Ruben, Seb, Vadim and Mad. We had a great time munching on meatballs and wandering around the displays, messing with things, picking up items we were interested in and mucking about.

I picked up one of the pineapple glasses above, plus Ruben and I both purchased some photo frames. I also bought a new therm--wait, I mean a vacuum flask. The one we have at home which I used to bring Ruben coffee in was terribly banged up, it's nice to have a new one. Besides, it's shaped like a glass bottle for added coolness. ;) I'll probably be putting soup in that to bring to uni, since I don't really drink coffee and I'm not too inclined to bring hot tea. ^^;

There was also this fun...

Ruben and I did drop by Redfern to pick up some stuff off a friend, but that was the closest we got to Animania... in our SMASH! shirts. Phew!