Ichigeki Sacchu! Hoihoi-san

Someone please remind me to watch this anime properly sometime, as the concept is intriguing and the character design curious. Despite the fact I’m sure I’ve seen these designs somewhere before, I never knew what this really was until I bought a PEST-X-SAN plastic mode kit to build from HobbyCo in Sydney this week.

It was an experience and a half - it was certainly not as hard, but also not as easy as I expected. It was not as intricate as I thought it would be given the reputation of Gunpla (because well, it’s not Gunpla). Yet some parts of the plastic model did require some intricate work - for example the front of her coat which was held in with two simple pegs. Unfortunately I managed to break both of them which required a bit of quick thinking, yet still a perfect solution hasn’t been found as the holes simply appear too small somehow.

As an added bonus while trying to pose and straighten her, parts of her body keep falling off, and I remain ill equipped to deal with this with the types of glues which I had. This is a lesson in not skimping on the research, or on the materials, since I decided to buy supplies at an art store rather than head back to HobbyCo to see what I would need. This was a matter of convenience, however.

Anyway, for fun here’s a sketch I made. I’ll probably purchase Hoihoi-san and her other friend soon enough, but now that the world of plastic figures has been opened to me… the opportunities could be endless!