I'm done with staying

Photos by Remino, on Flickr

A few years back my dreams weren’t really on the grand scale by any measure. I was happy to take a job at the ABC, do something technology-related, and spend the rest of my life in Australia. Since starting university and meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds though, this point of view has changed drastically.

Prior to university, I rarely ventured more than 8km away from my hometown, and only went into the CBD about two times a year, usually once as a family ‘day out’ which was a big deal and once for my high school’s annual ‘Speech Day’. But when I started university, suddenly the world got a lot bigger, there was so much more out there and I felt like I’d been deprived of getting to really know it before.

Reality is better than imagination

Suddenly just seeing things in photos wasn’t enough. I’d always told myself in the past that imagining myself in places was as good as being there. But while seeing yourself in a location is one thing, feeling the atmosphere, the sounds of the environment, feeling the air and the facing the challenges of different currencies and different photographic conditions (for instance) is many other things.

I feel like I’m waiting for life to begin, which could be part of the reason I chose to do a Masters rather than try something new. As with many other things I do, like online accounts, I’m waiting for that chance to start afresh and write the life I want. Here, I don’t know what that is. While well-intentioned, planned things never seem to happen or proceed anywhere.

Recently I’ve been living through photos. I admit, whenever I see that a friend has been somewhere overseas, I’ll be going through their albums hungrily, yearning to go and see places that I probably won’t have opportunities to go for a long time. I’m done with staying in Australia. Perhaps you could describe the feeling as wanting to be in motion, but constantly being in a state of inertia — I’m sure this would be an appropriate metaphor for many other situations.

Still, now and again there are a few things that make me smile, such as the photos posted by Remino on Flickr, a Canadian living in Japan. A little bit of Japanese humour and the knowledge that Japanese IKEA for some reason doesn’t serve potato mash with their Swedish meatballs but serves two steamed/baked potatoes instead is the strangest of things which can make your day.

Photos are by Remino, on Flickr. I do not own them.